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Not all skin cases are difficult ones. But some are life-long. On-going presentations may require further work-up to establish cause(s). Intradermal skin testing is still the ‘gold standard’ diagnostic test for the possible causes of Atopic Dermatitis. Sometimes an ‘atypical’ skin case just needs someone familiar with unusual cases.

If you feel a skin case is not going well, or you have a hypersensitivity case that needs further work up we are happy to be involved.

Our referral system

  • Call 0800 817 926 to book an animal in.
  • For a first appointment we advise 1 to 1 ½ hours.
  • Please download the REFERRAL FORM below and send this to us via email or fax.
  • Email or fax your relevant clinical notes (referral letter not needed).
  • PLEASE tell your client they MUST download the HISTORY FORM, fill it out and bring it with them to the appointment. (This form can be found on the “Preparing for your visit” page on this website.)
  • A referral letter will be sent to you within a week of the visit to us.
  • Ideally corticosteroids should be weaned off or stopped but this is not always possible. However owners need to be aware it may mean intradermal testing is not possible at a first visit.

Guide for Intradermal testing;

Drug/ Withdrawal time:

Please discontinue systemic corticosteroids 4 weeks prior to and topical corticosteroids/anti-histamines at least 1 week prior to the initial visit if intradermal allergy testing or serum allergy testing are to be performed.

In certain situations and after long term use of high doses of corticosteriods, longer withdrawal times may apply. We will advise on a case to case basis for those patients.

No withdrawal time for Ciclosporine, Apoquel, Cytopoint. 

Testing procedure:

The animal will be sedated and a patch 15 x 10cm will be shaved on the left chest. 40 to 50 intradermal injections will be administered and read 15 minutes later.

A wandering jew patch test may be performed, this is a type 4 delayed reaction and will be read at 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours by the owner. Most reactions occur by 12 hours.

Treatment plan:

Initial medication will be supplied, then either the future prescriptions are provided by normal GP vet centre or if our ongoing input is needed, the medications may be supplied by us on an on-going basis.

Management: Although not always successful, immunotherapy can be provided as a way of managing atopic disease. Advice for washing, lifestyle and possibly diet changes will be offered.


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